Creative Label in Budapest, Hungary

We are a group of young people consisting of graphic designers and freelance artists from Hungary’s capital, Budapest.

The name VERKSTADEN means ‘workshop’ or ‘studio’ in the Swedish language and it aims to describe both the place, as well as the nature of the project, which is to embrace young and talented individuals to express their ideas, inspire each other and create together. After having spent two unforgettable years in Scandinavia between 2009-2011, Palma got close to the Swedish language and culture, hence the name Verkstaden.

This, originally, solo-project quickly started to grow into a team of enthusiastic fashion students and graduates, and in 2015, we officially launched the brand Verkstaden.

Apart from designing new clothes, there is a side-project as well, called SECOND GO. As the name suggests, it means that we do not only design new items, but we also hand select and redesign second-hand clothes and accessories, this way giving them a ‘second go.’ These constantly changing and 100% unique pieces are only available at our store in Budapest:
1084, Budapest Vásár utca 4.
OPEN: Thursday and Friday: 12:00-19:00 Saturday: 12:00-17:00

You can also find us in Lollipop Factory Budapest
1056 Budapest, Király utca 24.
Mo-Sun 11AM-8AM  


The Verkstaden Team and Collaborations:

Palma Pinter, shopkeeper + founder of Verkstaden Budapest
Anna Tüdős, co-founder of Second Go
Réka Major, shopkeeper assistant + webshop
Zita Bé, freelance artist
Zsófi Rumi, graphic designer
Borbála Rumi, graphic designer
Dorina Molnár, graphic designer
Bori Pócsik, graphic designer
Bianka Parázs, graphic designer
Heni Lengyel, musician
Izabella Szabó, graphic designer
Ranáta Biacsics (Renyagyár), graphic designer

Each product is designed & printed by us in Budapest, Hungary.
And, of course, the flow of exciting ideas of the team is unstoppable!

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